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Daly Point Nature Reserve




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Daly Point Nature Reserve is a bird lovers paridise. It has several trails through different forest types that provide different habitats for many types of birds. The first trail as you leave the visitor center goes through an old field. From here you can go into the woods on the White Pine Path or the Woodland Trail or continue on to the Salt Marsh Trail. The Coastal Path will take you along the shore of the bay and the Gulch Path follows a small stream valley. There's a lookout tower on the hill at the end of the Field Trail that provides views of the bay. The Salt Marsh Trail also provides a boardwalk out into the Salt Marsh with views of the bay and the Warbler Trail is a boardwalk that goes through a wet area of open woods. The bay has many types of shorebirds while there are bird feeders field and woods trails that attract the smaller songbirds. The birds are quite used to visitors and will even eat from your hand. If you like birds and are in the Bathurst area you need to take time to make a stop at Daly Point.

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The Daly Point Nature Reserve began in 1989 as a stewardship project between Brunswick Mining and Smelting and the NB Dept. of Natural Resources and Energy.

The park consists of 6 km of trails running through more than 100 acres of salt marsh, old fields, and mixed forest. From these trails one can view hundreds of species of flowers, plants and animals. Special attractions include the thousands of Canada Geese who arrive on their migration in the fall, and the rare Maritime Ringlet Butterfly found only in four salt marshes in the world.

Benches and interpretive signs are found on the trails to give visitors an opportunity to identify, and stop and admire, the nature around them.


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From downtown Bathurst take Main Street south to Bridge Street until you come to a junction in the road at the former site of the pulp mill. Turn left on Bridge Street towards Caraquet. After 3.2 km turn left on Carron Drive. The Daly Point visitor Center will be on your left after another 500 m.

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