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About Us

Vicki and I have been hiking since we met almost 7 years ago. Within the first six months we went on a trip to England to visit my sister. The three of us went to the lake district and hiked Helvelyn Mountain (950 meters). It was a wet and foggy adventure but we got to meet many sheep near the peak.

Vicki and I got married in 2013 and for our honeymoon we went to Las Vegas, which included some desert hikes near the Hoover Dam and in the Valley of Fire State Park. The trip also included an epic hike down into the Grand Canyon. Hiking down into the Grand Canyon was amazing enough but watching lightning storms pass through the valley and thunder off the canyon walls was indescribable.

We have lived in New Brunswick our whole lives and love exploring all of the trails this province has to offer. Last summer we had the chance to hike down into Walton Glen Gorge and across a section of the Fundy Footpath. It was an amazing and gruelling trip but we loved every minute of it. Even when the mouse woke us up at 2AM by trying to get into our tent.

We also have four kids between us and we try to get them out with us whenever possible. We have had them up to the peak of Mount Carleton several times and love to take them camping at the park. They love exploring new trails.

In the past 18 years I have become increasingly interested in hiking and photography. I love the adventure and the excuse to go out and look for beautiful places. It's also really good exercise. We love sharing trail information, along with our stories and pictures, and we hope it inspires you to get out and find your own adventure.

I had the idea for this website about 15 years ago when I couldn't find the hiking information I wanted online. When I met Vicki the Hiking NB website went from an idea to reality. She bought me a camera and we bought a GPS. The website is an attempt to provide the most detailed and comprehensive information about hiking trails in the province. It also gives us an excuse to get out and hike each and every trail in the province with whoever is willing to come along for the adventure.

We are always in search of new trails, no matter how obscure or short. If you know of any trails that we don't already have on this site please let us know.

James Donald
January 4, 2016

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